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KROME NICKEL TABLETS are specially formulated as an effective way of introducing nickel metal into a hot dip galvanizing, zinc kettle.


Nickel is commonly used for metal alloys with a high melting point, is denser than zinc, and has a higher melting point. Nickel is most commonly added to the galvanizing kettle to help control reactive steels by reducing the intermetallic formation.

This process is effective as long as the product being galvanized has a silicon level less than 0.20%. However, steels with low silicon, less than 0.03% may obtain coatings under the specified thickness.

The highest zinc coating is reached when the silicon in the steel is 0.04 to 0.12%, this range is called the “Sandelin Curve

KROME NICKEL TABLETS have the following benefits:

Ease of use

Clean burning

Reduce dross formation

Prevents growth of Fe-Zn alloy layer

Control coating weight

Prevents peeling of coating

Reduce zinc consumption up to 15%

Increases coating ductility

Improves coating appearance

Smoother and brighter coating finish