Krome Nano Protect

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Krome Nano Protect

Krome Nano-Protect is a phosphate-free pre-treatment, based on nano technology, especially formulated for use in the treatment of steel, zinc and aluminium surfaces. The pre-treatment is free of volatile organic components and increases the corrosion resistance of painted metal surfaces.

The corrosion resistance performance of Krome Nano-Protect will generally be equal to or better than that of an iron phosphate. The pre-treatment may be applied by spray or immersion applications under ambient conditions and is followed by a deionized water rinse.


panel nano

CRS + Powder Paint, NSS @ 400 Hrs

Krome Nano Protect

  • Can replace conventional Zn and Iron Phosphating.
  • Is truely multi-metal – works on Steel, Aluminium and galvanised surfaces.
  • Imparts excellent adhesion to paint systems.
  • Enhances corrosion resistance.
  • Minimises edge creep due to excellent adhesion to metal and paint.
  • Eliminates the need for costly effluent treatment for heavy metals and phosphates.