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 Krome Atotech

As global markets become increasingly competitive, there seems to be an appetite for large mergers and acquisitions by venture capitalists who look to find different markets to get involved in.

Krome Metal Chemicals (Krome), the leading South African electroplating and metal finishing supplier with 3 technical service centres and more than 40 employees countrywide, has represented Enthone for the past 5 years and enjoyed a long lasting technical and social relationship. Unfortunately corporate Giants have acquired Enthone and brought them into the Macdermid fold under the Platform Speciality Products Corporation.

Ryszard Orlik (Director at Krome Metal Chemicals) says “In our more than 20 years of experience in this industry, such large mergers and acquisitions lead to a tumultuous and volatile time for the new entity. Some of the smaller markets and more specialised companies in those industries are weighed down by all the change. In view of this and in the interest of the South African Metal Finishing Industry, Krome has taken the decision to bring Atotech to South Africa under a Distribution agreement and to end the partnership with the newly formed Macdermid-Enthone business.

Atotech are not new to the South African market and are regarded to be the global leaders in the Electroplating and Metal Finishing Industry.

Atotech at a glance:

Located: 3 head offices globally and represented in 47 countries.

Revenue: U.S $ 1.1 billion

Number of Employees: > 4000

Number of customers: > 8000

R&D spend: U.S 131 million with 567 people

Sustainability: 39% of all R&D dedicated to Green technology

Technical centres: more than 14 dedicated tech centres globally

Russell Gregory (Managing Director of Atotech UK) is excited by the new South African partnership with Krome Metal Chemicals as he sees Kromes’ facilities, people and technical capabilities as what he terms “World class”.

The Directors and staff of Krome are positive and excited about the new collaboration and have assured existing and potential customers of their continued technical support and increased range of leading technologies.

Please feel free to contact your nearest Krome Metal Chemicals office to ask anymore questions:

Johannesburg: 011 450 2680

Durban – 031 705 3581

Cape Town – 021 932 6457