Krome Introduces New Cationic Cold Zinc Phosphate

Jan 19, 2015 in Products by


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Phoskro Z-4130
Concentration:  5%
Temperature:  65°C
Time:  7 minutes
Total Acid:  21.8
Free Acid:  2.9
Accelerator:  1 g/l
Phoskro TC30/31
Concentration:  48g/l
Temperature:  37°C
Time:  4 minutes
Total Acid:  21.1
Free Acid:  0.9
Accelerator:  1 g/l

KROME is proud to introduce the new Fine Grain Crystalline Zinc Phosphate used prior to e-coat and powder coating. With increasing energy costs and quality requirements, PHOSKRO TC 30/31 provides modern coating facilities in the Automotive and Engineering Industries, a process capable of Tight Crystal Zinc Structures, providing in excess of 500hrs salt spray requirements.